Reading Indie Gamers


Reading Indie Gamers is an inclusive gaming club dedicated to independently published and lesser known roleplaying games.

In the interest of being a fun environment for everyone, please read and uphold our Code of Conduct while participating in club activities, online and in person.

What Is A Tabletop Roleplaying Game?

Tabletop Roleplaying Games invite you and some friends to sit down, and imagine another world. It might be similar to ours, or it may be completely different and fantastical. You'll work together with your friends to tell a story in this world, and the rules of the game will guide that story.

What Is An Indie Game?

For our purposes, we're taking a generous definition of “Sufficiently Indie”.

Imagine a scale, with “two sentences on the back of a beermat” on the left and “One DnD™” on the right. Where one defines “Sufficiently Indie” on this scale will differ from person to person, but so long as the game you want to run or play isn't towards the far right of that spectrum it should be welcome.

Do you ever play D&D?

We focus on the other games that are available, and receive less commercial attention. Don't worry if you've never played any other TTRPG before, many of the games we play are some of the easiest TTRPGs to learn, and are a fantastic gateway into the hobby!

Join The Discord

All of our events and activities are planned and organised through discord, so while we have a presence on other social platforms, if you want to participate then you'll need to find your way there!

Our Discord is open to any of the following:

We focus primarily on in person events, and so if you aren't from Reading or nearby, there's little reason for you to join!